Digital Audience Co-op for Data Owners

New Superpower Offering – Digital Audience Co-op for Data Owners

Think Data Group has launched the Digital Audience Co-op for members interested in monetizing their data in the digital marketplace. For many organizations, the effort required to onboard their data is cumbersome, too expensive and difficult because they have never done it before. Think Data Group takes the pain and cost out of the effort through a Co-op model where we have a streamlined process for getting your data onboarded, placed on leading storefronts, and then sold as we help to drive demand at the agency and DSP level.

What we do for you with your data:

  • Build your taxonomy and audiences from your data segments and attributes
  • Enable data enrichment with other co-op partners
  • Market robust segments including in market auto, brand buyers, global B2B contacts,  new movers, even pre-listing movers, CTV audiences and many more

Think Data Group will help you supercharge your data monetization efforts to grow your business.

Email us at barry.gold@thinkdatagroup.com