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Converting Data to Dollars
Whether you’re a startup or a billion-dollar enterprise, whether you’re new to the data economy or an established player, Think Data Group can help you earn more.

Barry Gold
Managing Partner and Founder

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At Think Data Group, we’re experts in bringing data opportunities to life. The data economy is still young. It offers businesses substantial untapped potential — beyond the imagination of many executives. We have extensive experience analyzing clients’ data, identifying lucrative assets, and launching products that deliver durable revenue streams with minimal costs.

Converting Data to Dollars

It’s commonly said that “data is the crude oil of the digital economy.” Yet the analogy is flawed. True, both products are valuable drivers of commerce. But oil is largely fungible. It can be sold anywhere.

In contrast, a data asset typically represents latent potential. It must be vetted for quality, matched with a target market, packaged, and offered through effective channels before it can attract buyers. And each asset is unique. Sometimes data products must be stitched together from disparate sources across the data supply chain.

Most companies don’t develop the in-house expertise to forge a vision and convert data into a profit-generating asset.

That’s Think Data Group’s role.

The data market is vast, complex, and fragmented. Buyers include marketers, retailers, manufacturers, hedge funds, risk managers, insurers, and many others. With such a broad landscape, it is easy for companies to miss major opportunities outside their core business.

Monetizing data assets can be highly rewarding, because once the strategy and process are in place there’s essentially no additional cost of goods sold. Virtually every incremental dollar is profit, and the earnings can flow for years.

Think Data Group’s Process

To enable data owners to derive value from their assets we can:

  • Assess current data uses and any guardrails/constraints
  • Conceptualize use cases and monetization strategies across markets
  • Evaluate and productize data assets, while ensuring they can stand up to scrutiny
  • Develop pricing models and go-to-market plans
  • Collaboratively create sales collateral
  • Find early-stage clients
  • Lead sales efforts and/or train sales teams