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Applying Data Expertise
Whether you’re a startup or a billion-dollar enterprise, whether you’re new to the data economy or an established player, Think Data Group can help you earn more.

Barry Gold
Managing Partner and Founder

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Think Data Group helps clients develop and implement precision data strategies, to build stronger, smarter, and better performing companies.

Applying Data Expertise

Everyone knows that data underpins the modern economy, but harnessing it takes experience and expertise. Each data set has strengths and weaknesses. We recommend a multi-threaded supply chain where source confidence is high.

In harnessing that potential, companies face numerous tough questions:’
  • How do we create a durable competitive advantage with data?
  • How can we implement a strategy that is difficult to copy?
  • Can external or alternative sources offer benefits?
  • How do we capitalize on network effects, build loyalty, and boost customers’ switching costs?
  • Will we be able to model the data with the necessary speed and granularity?
  • Is the data we purchase of high quality and priced fairly?
  • How do we ensure our data strategy offers high and lasting value?

Think Data Group’s Process

Think Data Group has many decades of experience grappling with such questions, and has a proven process for optimizing your data strategy. While every engagement is tailored to clients’ unique needs, we typically:

  • Evaluate your data supply chain and any limitations or regulatory constraints
  • Analyze information needs to meet business objectives
  • Assess how the data can be used, and target key use cases
  • Identify organizational data biases and gaps, along with a “Data IQ Score”
  • Determine how to overcome those biases and gaps, such as by using external data
  • Negotiate terms with external partners
  • Implement the data strategy